Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project of the Moment - Overmost

When I signed up for the Sewing for Kids class I was giving a syllabus with a list or projects and I had no idea what an overmost looked like so I googled it.  In my search result I found Deborah's pattern.  She explains that they really don't cover all, they only cover true!

Front View
At first I thought these might be a lot of work but they really weren't.  They were very simple and easy to make, everything was straightforward.  I actually enjoyed making these because they are so darn cute!  The pattern is written so that they can be reversible but I decided to not make them that way since the other fabric I selected is white.  I couldn't resist the bunting pattern fabric, I just had to use it so I bought it to use for the lining.  

Outside Front Pocket
Front View and Pocket
Back View with Pocket
Buckle Strap

Elastic Back
Inside Lining
Originally I had envisioned making these out of baby blue fabric and using the bunting fabric.  I was a little afraid it might look too girly so I contacted the lovely people at Hawthorne Threads and they said they didn't think my selection was girly but that I might want to consider a darker fabric since I was making them for a toddler. 

The color I thought of using for the outer fabric:

With this as the lining:

And this is what I ended up using for the outer fabric instead:

Instead of buttons I used the Dritz Overall Buckle For 1.25 Inch Strap (2 Per Package) - Antique Brass. I opted for traditional adjustable overall buckles for two reason, one, my little guy is growing like a weed and, two, I really haven't practiced making button holes. I guess I just need to sit down one day and practice so I'm ready to add buttons to the dress I'll be making soon.

I really like the way these came out in the end, they look super professional!  I can't wait to make some more for Nik.

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