Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project of the Moment - Fishsticks Designs Pants

I am pretty open about my love for Hawthorne Threads, there's just something about them...maybe it's their awesome website, wonderful blog/newsletter or their great customer service (no, they didn't pay me to say any of that...).  Anyway, a while back I received my email newsletter with their announcement of Riley Blake's Puppy Park Collection.  Often their newsletters include pictures of projects to give you inspiration, and in this newsletter edition they showed a pair of cute little guy pants made with the puppy park crosshatch print in black, the outside pockets and cargo pockets were made with puppy print and a contrasting trim (of bone print fabric).  I searched and searched to try and find the pattern to make the same exact pants for my little guy (because dogs fascinate him right now), but I couldn't find the pattern anywhere or even a picture of the same pants online so I contacted Hawthorne Threads.  They informed me they couldn't find the exact pattern either and they forwarded me the link for a similar pattern (but I wanted to make the exact same ones in Riley Blake's picture!  I can be a little neurotic when I see something I like, because I want to make the same exact thing (am I the only one like that?)

After I received their email I decided to look a second time on Etsy to see if I might be able to find the pattern and I did!  I jumped up and down with joy and bought the pattern.  I only used 2 of the 3 fabric that were shown in the Riley Blake example.  In retrospect I should have ordered the bone print fabric to use for the trim and make the pockets "pop".  Since I made the trim the same as the main fabric, the edge of the pockets blends into the pants.  Oh time I know 3 fabrics are better than 2.

Front Pocket
Front View of Pants
My label and new size label!
Back View
I rolled up the cuffs so you can see that the legs aren't super skinny.
Back Pocket
Elastic Waist View
Now let's talk about the inside or outside pocket pants pattern by Fishstick Designs...

I really liked the pattern and I thought it was easy to read and follow the instructions.  I used my newly acquired 1/4" patchwork foot a few times while sewing (for the sake of ease), you don't need to have that foot to sew this pattern.  From cutting to sewing, the pants came together fairly quick (even my husband noticed I finished in record time!).  I cut these out in a 3T and left the hem undone so I can hem then when Nik grow into them  (I'm trying to sew most of Nik clothes now so I can use the fabric stash I accumulated this last month...yes, it's a massive amount).  This pattern is very versatile, it can be used for boys and girls...and as the pattern says, the pockets can be cut for the inside or outside of the pants (this means there will be plenty more pants in the future!).        


Danielle Faith said...

I'm not sure if I like that style pant but I love doggie patchwork. Too cute.

Danielle FaithDanielleFaith.Me

Maddie Flanigan said...

what adorable pants. Nik will look great in them!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Nice pants, I love the pockets! Just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my're no-reply, but I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for your kind words :-)