Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project of the Moment - Mud Puddle Splasher Shorts

Deja vu, right?  I know you are probably thinking you already saw these pants, however these aren't pants...they're shorts.  When I bought this fabric I ordered more than I needed for the pants I was making and I had just enough to make Nik a pair of shorts for next summer.  The pants that I made him over a year ago finally fit except they were too short so I added a little more fabric to the bottom and thanks to the print, you can barely tell!
#sewing #fishstickdesigns #rileyblake #distractions
Thank you Instagram for making my phone pictures look less like phone pictures.

These shorts were made from the Mud Puddle Splashers Short pattern by Fishsticks Designs You can't really see the cuffs or the faux fly on these shorts but they are me ;)

Mud Puddle Splasher Shorts with contrast pockets #sewing #distractions #nik

Nik really likes the fact after I fixed the length of pants I let him have the pants and a few minutes later I heard him crying.  I went to see why he was crying and I found him sitting on the floor trying to put the pants on over the pants he was already wearing.  It makes me happy to see that he approves of my creations (I just hope it stays that way!).  

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